Evaluation of high- and low-pressure oxygen injection techniques

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ISBN 0-913235-72-5

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Fisheries Bioengineering Symposium: American Fisheries Society Symposium 10

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Colt J;White RJ;

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Bethesda, MD


American Fisheries Society


Tests were conducted to evaluate high- and low-pressure techniques for adding pure oxygen to water. A high-pressure oxygen injection unit, the Aquatector, increased the dissolved oxygen in water flowing at a rate of 8,706 L/min by 3.3 mg/L with an oxygen absorption efficiency of 84%. Nitrogen gas saturation was reduced from 102.1 to 99.2%, while total gas saturation was increased from 98.9 to 104.1%. Oxygen absorption efficiencies and the dissolved oxygen of the incoming water were inversely related. Similar efficiencies were obtained with an Aquatector and with a pure oxygen line fed into a pressurized reuse water line. Dissolved oxygen in the output was monitored and absorption efficiencies were calculated. Absorption efficiencies ranged from 43 to 78% over the range of flows tested with the 10.2-cm column. Tests were also conducted with a 15.2-cm column; however, it was determined later that data collected with the 10.2-cm sealed column cannot be directly extrapolated to predict performance of large, 61-cm, production-sized columns.

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