Fish Screens for Hydropower Developments

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Waterpower '85: proceedings of an International Conference on Hydropower

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Roluti MJ;

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New York, NY


American Society of Civil Engineers


None. First paragraph: Preventing fish from entering the turbines at hydroelectric projects is a standard mitigation goal of state and federal fishery management agencies. The objective is to minimize the adverse impacts to fish associated with passage through water conveyance facilities and turbines. In the western United States, many fishery management agencies have developed fish screen design criteria. Commonly, these criteria focus on specifying approach and transportation velocities, maximum opening dimensions of the screen material, and cleaning standards. A wide variety of fish screening systems have been developed in order to meet agency screening criteria. The engineer must design a screening system that not only meets agency criteria, but also is adaptable to the project site, the proposed mode of project operation, and is cost effective. Fish screening systems can contribute significantly to project costs.

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