Movement of tagged catfishes in the lower Mississippi River

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Catfish 2000: Proceedings of the InternationalIctalurid Symposium

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Irwin ER;Hubert WA;Rabeni CF;Schramm HL Jr.;Coon T;

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Bethesda, MD


American Fisheries Society


We tagged 260 flathead catfish (pylodictis olivaris), 222 blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus),and 187 channel catfish (I. punctatus) at nine fixed locations in the Lower Mississippi Riverduring August 1995 – October 1997. Seventeen of 18 flathead catfish were recaptured within 1km of their release site 1-730 days after release; the other flathead catfish was recaptured 6 kmfrom its release location. Three blue catfish were recaptured 5-12 km from their release site after363-635 days at large. Three channel catfish were recaptured 6-52 km from their release siteafter 242-662 days at large. The low recapture rates for blue catfish and channel catfish at thesame fixed sampling locations where flathead catfish were recaptured is compatible with thegreater mobility of blue catfish and channel catfish. Our results suggest that localizedmanagement programs are appropriate for flathead catfish in the Lower Mississippi River. Bluecatfish and channel catfish should be managed on a larger scale, perhaps through cooperation ofseveral state resource agencies.

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