Behavior of Sonic-tagged Adult American Shad in the Connecticut River, Massachusetts, with Particular Reference to the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant, 1973-1975


J B. Layzer

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Proceedings of a Workshop on American Shad

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American shad were transported by truck from Holyoke to Turners Falls, sonic tagged and released. Delay of upriver migration resulting from handling was highly variable, ranging from none to six days. Distances shad migrated above the Turners Falls Dam and their subsequent behavior are related to water temperature, sex of the fish, and their general condition prior to tagging. Shad showed a distinct preference to remain in the deeper river sections while not actively migrating upstream. During low levels of the plant's pumping and generating cycles, as well as during no plant operation, most tagged fish either avoided or passed by the tailrace unaffected. At greater levels of pumping, some shad stopped or turned back as they reached the tailrace, while others continued upriver. Fish that migrated past the tailrace, often returned and milled in the tailrace area. Similar milling behavior was also recorded in other sections of the study area.

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