Umbrella Shaped Fish Protection Arrangements (UFPA)

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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fishways '95

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Gifu, Japan


The Organizing Committee for International Symposium on Fishways '95 in Gifu


Advanced types of Umbrella Shaped Fish Protection Arrangement (UFPA) were developed at St. Petersburg Architectural and Civil Engineering University. Fish protection strategy proposed is based on use of specific stream patterns at water intake, accounting for the swimming habits of different fish species. Pertaining computer program for streams velocity calculation in water intake zone was also developed and is available to the eventual Customers. Graphs based on specific fish species swimming habits can be effectively used in pre-setting of protective water streams patterns in water intake zone. Efficiency of formulated theoretical approach to fish protection problems was confirmed by results obtained on various fish species in pilot fish protection arrangement test runs. Test runs successfully completed, more than 15 UFPA with water intake capacity varying in range from 0.1 to 12 cu.m. per second were manufactured and installed at river bed, shore, and bucket water intakes. Advanced UFPA implementation resulted in up to 80-85% effective fish protection, not affecting water intake reliability. Proposed fish protection concepts simplicity and low material requirements provide for existing water intakes conversion and upgrading practically without interruption in water supply.

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