Development of Fish ladder Gate Using Water Hydraulic System for Environment Conservation

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Title, abstract, and figure legends in English, remainder of the text in Japanese

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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fishways '95

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Gifu, Japan


The Organizing Committee for International Symposium on Fishways '95 in Gifu


Oil hydraulic system has long history and has been applying for various machines. But cleaner, hydraulic fluid is needed as are afraid that oil makes the natural condition dirty or fire when it leaks. We succeeded in improving the performance of water hydraulic servo control system compared with the performance of oil hydraulic servo control system. Our water hydraulic system based analyzing the advantage of the physical property of water for servo control. Furthermore, we can supply the simplest water servo control system consisting of minimum components which can cover wide dynamic performance range and can guarantee same application field as oil hydraulic systems. The important components are the wide dynamic ranged water hydraulic pump system and the high response, wide dynamic ranged water servo valve. The performance and durability of the system and components were experimented and verified. It is shown that this water hydraulic system can be applied for the fish ladder gate as the result of feasibility study for environment conservation.

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