Fish Release Hydraulic Model Study and Flow Division Calculation in Taiping Sluice Fishway.


Y P. Wang

Publication Date


Publication Title

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fishways '90

Publication Place

Gifu, Japan


At the present time, the fishway at the Taiping sluice is the longest in China. It is characterized by a relatively high lift, two entrances and three bottom widths. 'Water flow diversion' is an additional troublesome problem requiring to be solved in its design and construction. This paper describes all the phases of the fishway project, including field reconnaissances, planning design, model studies, and proto-type observations. The necessity of constructing the fishway has been confirmed through field reconnaissances. A 'combined rectangular-trapezoidal cross-section' type fishway has been developed through model tests, and the 'flow division' problem has been solved by means of numerical analysis. Proto-type observations show that the structure has been performing quite well in fish passage, with flow distributions conforming to design requirements. The paper also addresses the problem of 'fishway hydraulics' which has been revealed in experiments and confirmed by proto-type observations.

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