Design and Application of Fish Passage and Protection Facilities in China


Y P. Wang

Publication Date


Publication Title

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fishways '90

Publication Place

Gifu, Japan


The Carp (Cyprinidae) fish account for a majority of the fish in the principal watersystems (Yangze River, Yellow River, etc.). Also, small Carp fish and fry are planted in 86,000 reservoirs in China for commercial purposes. According to incomplete statistics, 50 fishways and 80 electric fences (EF) fish protection facilities have been built in China. This paper deals with the design and application of fish passage and protection facilities in China, including the classification of fishway and EF, the type of fishway baffle, the principle and advantage of EF, and the research topics on fish engineering performed by Chinese hydraulic and aquatic specialists. Some typical examples of fishway and EF are also given in this paper.

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