Submissions from 1994

NRA Experience with Freshwater Fish Passes, G Armstrong

Anadromous Alosa Symposium: proceedings of a symposium held at the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Tidewater Chapter in Virginia Beach, Virginia, 14-15 January 1993, J E. Cooper (Ed), R T. Eades (Ed), R J. Klauda (Ed), and J G. Loesch (Ed)

Concepts for the Future: In Conjunction with the HydroVision '94 Conference, Edited work

Developing Air Concentration and Velocity Probes for Measuring Highly-Aerated, High-Velocity Flow, K H. Frizell, D G. Ehler, and B W. Mefford

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Two-dimensional finite element flow modeling of physical fish habitat, A Ghanem, P Steffler, F Hicks, and C Katopodis

Analysis of Ichthyomechanical Data for Fish Passage or Exclusion System Design, C Katopodis

Recent Trends in Francis Turbine Uprating, B Mahe and V DeHenau

Recent Trends in Francis Turbine Uprating, B Mahe and V DeHenau

Integrated Imagery Management System, L Morin, Y Richer, and M Rivest

S. O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Its Role in Fish Passage Research, M Odeh

Ecological Consequences of Introduced Piscivorous Fishes in the Lower Columbia and Snake Rivers, T P. Poe, R S. Shively, and R A. Tabor

Fish Passage Facilities for Alosa, R F. Quinn

Determination of flow regimes for pool and weir fishways, D Tovell, N Rajaratnam, and C Katopodis

Flow Comparison Study in Low-Head Hydro Plant Intakes: Ultrasonic vs. Current Meters, J T. Walsh

Submissions from 1993

Malibu Creek Steelhead Restoration Project Rindge Dam Removal, C K. Allen

Some Aspects of Juvenile Anadromous Salmonid Behavior and Behavioral Studies, and Their Application to Development of Fish Passage Systems, E L. Bakshtansky, V D. Nesterov, and A Haro

Fish Passage Policy and Technology: Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by the Bioengineering Section of the American Fisheries Society, K Bates (Ed)

Economic Culvert Design Using Fish Swimming Energy and Power Capabilities., C E. Behlke, D L. Kane, R F. McLean, and M D. Travis

The Great Columbia River Basin Flow Debate: What Are They Saying and Why?, B J. Brown

Benefits of fish passage and protection measures at hydroelectric projects, G F. Cada and D W. Jones

Ecological, Social, and Political Impacts of the Introduction of Species Into a Watershed by Passage Improvements, W J. Daley

Do Bypass Systems Protect Juvenile Salmonids at Dams?, E M. Dawley, R D. Ledgerwood, L G. Gilbreath, P J. Bentley, and S J. Grabowski

Passage Mitigation at Main Stem Columbia River Dams - How Well Is It Working, D A. DeHart

Behaviour of adult and juvenile American shad (Alosa sapidissima) moving toward a power station, D Desrochers, R Roy, M Couillard, and R Verdon

Managing Fish Passages and Barriers on Canadian Tributaries to the Laurentian Great Lakes, D P. Dodge, D V. Gillman, and F WH Beamish

An exploratory study of fish habitat structures in rivers, V K. Dwivedi, N Rajaratnam, and C Katopodis

Proposed measures to alleviate the environmental impacts of hydroelectric dams on the Elwha River, Washington, U.S.A, J M. Harbor

Considerations in the Use of Adult Fish Barriers and Traps in Tributaries to Achieve Management Objectives, W Hevlin and S Rainey

Scope of the Prescription for Fishways - Precedents at Five Northeast Hydroelectric Projects, A R. Hoar

Use of Pumping as an Alternative to Gravity Diversion at Red Bluff Diversion Dam, California, P L. Johnson, A Watkins, C R. Liston, and R C. Kristof

Considering Non-Salmonid Fish in Fishway Hydraulics, R Kamula, A Laine, and J Hooli

Fish passage at culvert highway crossings, C Katopodis

Fish Behavior Important for Fish Passage, B Kynard

Fundamental Concepts of Fish Passage in Scandinavian Countries, A Laine, R Kamula, and J Hooli

Improvements in Fish Collection Facilities at the Federal Tracy Pumping Plant in the South San Francisco Bay Delta, California, C Liston, R Brockman, G Sackett, C Karp, L Hess, P Johnson, S Hiebert, and G Mueller

Ask Young Clupeids if Kaplan Turbines are Revolving Doors or Blenders, D Mathur and P G. Heisey

Ask Young Clupeids if Kaplan Turbines are Revolving Doors or Blenders, D Mathur and P G. Heisey

Fishpasses For Native Freshwater Fishes in New Zealand: Changing Attitudes, Politics, and Approaches, C P. Mitchell

A Review of Fish Passage Facilities in East Asia, S Nakamura S;

Passage Improvements at the Glenn-Colusa Irrigation Diversion, R F. Ott RF;Stansbury MR; and M R. Stansbury

Development of Biological Criteria for Siting and Operation of Juvenile Fish Bypass Systems: Implications for Protecting Juvenile Salmonids from Predation, T P. Poe, M G. Mesa, R S. Shivley, and R D. Peters

Structures for Passing Juvenile Coho Salmon Into Off-Channel Habitat, P D. Powers

Effect of stress on turbine fish passage mortality estimates, C P. Ruggles

The use of floating louvers for guiding Atlantic salmon smolts from hydroelectric turbine intakes, C P. Ruggles, D A. Robinson, and R J. Stira

Development of a Fish Passage Solution at the Puntledge Hydro Intake Facility, H A. Smith

Facilities and Requirements for the Migration of Salmonids in Scottish Waters Harnessed for Hydro-Electric Generation, G Struthers

Biological Evaluation of a New Modular Fish Diversion Screen., E P. Taft, V Amaral, F C. Winchell, and C W. Sullivan

Development and Refinement of Turbine Intake Screen Technology on the Columbia River, A R. Turner Jr., J W. Ferguson, T Y. Barila, and M F. Lindgren

Need for Updating Fish Protection Facilities for Anadromous and Resident Fish Stocks in the West Coast of North America, D A. Vogel

Screening Diversion in the Upper Sacramento River, M H. Whitman

Proceedings of the Workshop on Fish Passage at Hydroelectric Developments: March 26-28, 1991, St. John's, Newfoundland, U P. Williams, D A. Scruton, R F. Goosney, C E. Bourgeois, D C. Orr, and C P. Ruggles

EPRI's Evaluation of the Elwha Dam Eicher Screen and Subsequent Design Changes and Hydraulic Tests., F C. Winchell, N Taft, T Cook, and C Sullivan

Restoration of Salmon and Steelhead in the Elwha River: Fish Passage by Dam Removal, B D. Winter

Submissions from 1992

Fish migration in the Murray Darling system and the decline of the silver perch, M Mallen-Cooper and J H. Harris

Fish habitat mitigation measures for hydrotechnical projects, G D. McPhail, D B. MacMillan, and C Katopodis

Fish habitat mitigation measures for hydrotechnical projects, G D. MsPhai;, D B. MacMillan, and C Katopodis

Submissions from 1991

Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation Forum, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Fish Bypass System Mathematical Models, J J. Anderson

Cooperative Efforts to Protect Salmonid Habitat from Potential Effects of Highway Construction in British Columbia, F J. Andrew

Restructuring Streams for Anadromous Salmonids, N B. Armantrout

Ration optimalization to reduce potential pollutants--preliminary results, T Asgard, R M. Langaker, K D. Shearer, E Austreng, and A Kittelsen

Developments in transportation from dams to improve juvenile salmonid survival, J B. Athearn

Potentialities of Using Behavioural Characteristics of Atlantic Salmon Smolts During Passage Through Dams, E L. Bakshtansky and V D. Nesterov

Pool-and-Chute Fishways, K Bates

Power and Energy Implications of Passage Structures for Fish, C E. Behlke

Stream Habitat Management for Fish in the Northwestern United States: The Role of Riparian Vegetation, R L. Beschta

Design, operation, and evaluation of an inverted, inclined, outmigrant fish screen, J A. Bomford and M G. Lirette

Construction, operation, and evaluation of groundwater-fed side channels for chum salmon in British Columbia, R G. Bonnell

Experiences in evaluating surface and diffused-air aerators, C E. Boyd

Bioengineering Problems in River Systems of the Central Valley, California, R L. Brown

Specifying and monitoring ultraviolet systems for effective disinfection of water, J D. Caufield

The Beaded Channel: A Low-Cost Technique for Enhancing Winter Habitat of Coho Salmon., C J. Cederholm and W J. Scarlett

Factors affecting performance of the Glenn-Colusa fish screen, R D. Clark and J J. Strong

Water quality considerations and criteria for high-density fish culture with supplemental oxygen, J Colt, K Orwicz, and G Bouck

Physical characteristics and intragravel survival of chum salmon in developed and natural groundwater channels in Washington, L Cowan

Design of low-cost fishways, P H. Crook

Vortex mechanisms of local scour at model fishrocks, R T. Cullen

Evaluation of high- and low-pressure oxygen injection techniques, W P. Dwyer, G A. Kindschi, and C E. Smith

Planning and Evaluating Habitat Projects for Anadromous Salmonids, F H. Everest, J R. Sedell, G H. Reeves, and M D. Bryant

Effects of spawning-run delay on spawning migration of Arctic grayling, D F. Fleming and J B. Reynolds

Fecundity and egg size of brook trout and brown trout brood stocks in heated, recirculated water, N C. Fraser and C W. Parke

Some Environmental Requirements of Atlantic Salmon, T G. Heggberget

Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling of Fish Habitat Structures, B A. Heiner

The Brule River sea lamprey barrier and fish ladder, Wisconsin, G A. Holloway

Habitat and channel changes after rehabilitation of two coastal streams in Oregon, R House, V Crispin, and J M. Suther