The population and movement of fish in Prickley Pear Creek, Montana


F A. Stefanich

Publication Date



Brown trout, trout, rainbow trout, longnose, longnose suckers, sucker

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Transactions of the American Fisheries Society


A 2-year study was made on the populations and movements of fish in Prickley PearCreek, Montana. The most numerous species present were freshwater sculpins, brown trout,rainbow trout, and longnose suckers. The number of brown trout was higher in 1949 than in 1950.Their number in relation to all trout was approximately 60 percent in 1949 and 54 percent in 1950.However, their weight in relation to that of all trout was approximately 74 percent in 1949 and 73percent in 1950. Rainbow trout made up most of the remainder of the salmonid population. Thenumber of trout in relation to all fish was approximately 79 percent in both years and their weightapproximately 58 percent in 1949 and 47 percent in 1950. Weights of the trout remained relativelyconstant for the sampling periods each year but showed a significant difference between years.Suckers were numerous in the first sampling periods of each year but decreased sharply in thelate summer months. The total weights of all fish varied from 58.87 to 241.10 pounds per acre atthe different sampling periods. Large numbers of fish were recaptured in the areas where theywere tagged. Eleven trout were recovered six times in the same area. Some of the fish movedand of these the general movement was downstream.





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