Residence time and seasonal movements of juvenile coho salmon in the ecotone and lower estuary of Winchester Creek, South Slough, Oregon

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Transactions of the American Fisheries Society


The juvenile life history of coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch in the stream-estuary ecotone of Winchester Creek, South Slough, Oregon, was investigated in 1999-2001. Seines and a rotary screw trap were used to capture fish for dye-marking, and residence time within the ecotone was determined for recaptured marked fish. In the lower estuary, ultrasonic transmitters were used to document residence time and patterns of movement for smolts migrating to the ocean. Nearly half of each brood year moved to the estuary as subyearlings. A portion of age-0 juveniles that moved downstream during spring lived in the ecotone through summer for up to 8 months, then most moved back upstream to overwinter. Fish that moved to the ecotone during fall and winter had mean minimum residence times of 48 d in 1999 and 64 d in 2000. Some of the fish that moved to the ecotone during fall and winter moved into an off-channel beaver pond and resided there for a mean of 49 d. Spring age-1 smolts had a mean minimum residence time in the ecotone of 18 d for both years and used recently restored salt marshes and other off-channel habitats. Smolts implanted with ultrasonic transmitters lived in the lower estuary for an average of 5.8 d, during which their direction of movement corresponded to the direction of tidal flow. [References: 44]







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