Movements by young-of-year and yearling largemouth bass and their implications for supplemental stocking

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bass, tagging, stocking, fingerlings

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North American Journal of Fisheries Management


Young-of-year (age-0) largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) from the Little BeaverCreek embayment of B. Everett Jordan Lake, North Carolina, were individually tagged withmagnetic binary-coded wire tags in 1989 and 1990. Fish were recaptured during electrofishingand seine sampling in the year of tagging and the following year. In 1989, 529 age-0 largemouthbass were tagged, of which 40 were recaptured. Of these, only 2 of 31 age-0 and 2 of 9 yearlingfish had moved out of their tagging coves. In 1990, 1,090 age-0 largemouth bass were tagged, ofwhich 47 were recaptured. Of 15 recaptured largemouth bass that had been tagged in coves,only 2 age-0 fish had moved from their tagging coves. Of 32 recaptured largemouth bass that hadbeen tagged outside coves, only 2 age-0 and 1 yearling fish had moved into cove areas. Notagged age-0 or yearling largemouth bass were recaptured outside the embayment. Becausemost fish seem to stay near their tagging site, localized supplemental stocking of fingerlings maybenefit largemouth bass populations in basin, bay, or cove areas of large, complex reservoirs.





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