Movements of planted and wild trout in an Idaho river system

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trout, rainbow trout, salmon, Salmon River, steelhead

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Transactions of the American Fisheries Society


During 1959-61, 10,000 catchable-sized, hatchery-reared, rainbow trout were jawtaggedand released in the upper Salmon River, Idaho, and 2,247, 619, and 539 wild cutthroattrout, Dolly Varden, and rainbow trout, respectively, were caught on hook and line, tagged, andreleased in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. More than 1,500 of the tagged, hatchery-reared,rainbow trout were recovered after being in the stream up to 1 year. Of those recovered the sameseason as released, more than 90 percent were taken within 2 miles of the release site. Ninetypercent of those recovered after having been in the river over winter were taken within 5 miles ofthe release site. Of 253 tagged wild cutthroat trout recovered, 64 were recovered in releaseareas, and 189 were recaptured one or more miles from their release sites (average for the latter,about 19 miles). Of 95 tagged wild Dolly Varden recovered, 27 were recovered in the releaseareas, and 68 were recovered one or more miles from release sites (average for the latter, 22.2miles). Twenty-seven tagged wild rainbow or steelhead trout were recovered; 14 in release areas, and 13 downstream from the release sites. Only 25.3 percent of the cutthroat trout and 28.4percent of the Dolly Varden were recovered within 1 mile of release sites.





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