A Survey of Fish Transportation Methods and Equipment

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fish transport, mortality, survey, tank, transportation

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California Fish and Game


The transport of live fishes is becoming an increasingly important problem. Fish and Game agencies, aquariums, commercial bait dealers, commercial fishermen, and people catering to home aquarium trade all must transport living fish. In general, all wish to carry as many fish as possible in as little water as possible with a minimum of mortality. These attempts inevitably bring all the factors limiting to fish during transport into sharp relief. Much further improvement in transport efficiency seems possible. As a foundation for the development of new equipment and methods at Marineland of the Pacific, we have attempted to gather all available information on present fish transportation practices. Ninety-six state, federal government, and private agencies, and individuals have been polled for transport data. The published literature has been reviewed. From these sources and from our own experiences we have compiled this review. The discussion has been limited primarily to principles and methods. Construction methods are not reviewed in detail, except where they have a direct bearing upon the welfare of the fish being transported. Where noteworthy information was derived from the poll, appropriate source notations are cited in parentheses. Literature references are given in normal fashion. Abstract courtesy of California Fish and Game.





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