Submissions from 1905

Australian diadromous fishes - challenges and solutions for understanding migrations in the 21st century, N. G. Miles, C. T. Walsh, G. Butler, and H. Ueda

Innovative Solution: Fish Lift Screw System Rehart/Strasser, Christian Mitterlehner, Klaus Schuelein, and Bernhard Strasser

Fishlift Sluice according to System Water Management - New Fish Lift System, Bernhard Monai, Birgit Zraunig, and --

Modified Water Diversion Structures Can Behaviorally Deter Juvenile Chinook Salmon from Entrainment, Timothy D. Mussen, Dennis E. Cocherell, Oliver Patton, and Denisse Jauregui

Designing fish-passable riffles as gradient controls in Canadian streams, Robert W. Newbury

Downstream Migration and Multiple Dam Passage by Atlantic Salmon Smolts, D. Nyqvist, S. D. McCormick, L. Greenberg, and W. R. Ardren

Numerical and Physical Model Studies for an Innovative Fish Pass Concept at the Weir Baldeney (Ruhr), Peter Oberle, Thomas Grafmueller, Mark Musall, and Franz Nestmann

Comparing Stream Restoration Project Effectiveness Using a Programmatic Evaluation of Salmonid Habitat and Fish Response, Jennifer S. O'Neal, Phil Roni, Bruce Crawford, and Anna Ritchie

The Fishlift - An attractive and modern Solution, Bernhard Pelikan

Estimating and Predicting Collection Probability of Fish at Dams Using Multistate Modeling, John M. Plumb, William P. Connor, Kenneth F. Tiffan, and Christine M. Moffitt

Comparative analysis of particle image velocimetry and acoustic Doppler velocimetry in relation to a pool-type fishway flow, Ana L. Quaresma, Rui M. L. Ferreira, and Antonio N. Pinheiro

Hydraulic experiments on spillway weir profiles, S. Ramachandran, G. Senthilkumar, and --

Streamwise bars in fish-friendly angled trashracks, Sylvain Raynal, Ludovic Chatellier, Dominique Courret, and Michel Larinier

Swimming Depth, Behavior, and Survival of Atlantic Salmon Postsmolts in Penobscot Bay, Maine, Mark D. Renkawitz, Timothy F. Sheehan, and Graham S. Goulette

Facilitating upstream passage of small-bodied fishes: linking the thermal dependence of swimming ability to culvert design, Essie M. Rodgers, Rebecca L. Cramp, Matthew Gordos, and Anna Weier

Fish tracking in vertical slot fishways using computer vision techniques, Alvaro Rodriguez, Maria Bermudez, Juan R. Rabunal, and Jeronimo Puertas

Evaluation of a floating fish guidance structure at a hydrodynamically complex river junction in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California, USA, Jason G. Romine, Russell W. Perry, Adam C. Pope, and Paul Stumpner

Behaviour of fish in the sphere of the water inlet at the pumped storage hydropower plant Geesthacht, Vanessa Rosenfellner, Beate Adam, and --

Hydro-Fishlift: An Innovative Solution for the Upstream Migration - Aspects of the Construction and Operation, Andreas Roth, Georg Baumann, and --

Anticipated geomorphic impacts from Mekong basin dam construction, Zan K. Rubin, George Mathias Kondolf, and Paul A. Carling

Ecological Considerations for the Planning of the 1st Fish Lift in Austria at the Weir Runserau, Tyrol, Martin Schletterer, Robert Reindl, and Stefan Thonhauser

Technical Fish Monitoring: First Installation of a RiverWatcher Fish Counter in Austria, Martin Schletterer, Gebhard Senn, Manfred Menghin, and Michael Hubmann

Evaluation of the upstream movement of fish at the fish lock Hollenstein, Maria Schmalz, Konrad Thuermer, and --

Experience with the Bottom Substrate in the Double Slot Fish Pass Geesthacht, Ulrich Schwevers, Thomas Huke, and --

Measures to Ensure the Passability of the Geesthacht Double Slot Pass, Ulrich Schwevers, Christof Neumann, and --

Measures to Ensure the Traceability of the Double Slot Pass Geesthacht by Upstream Moving Fish, Ulrich Schwevers, Christof Neumann, and --

Research Methodology for System Optimization of Special Constructions Methods for Fish Passages, Case Study Baldeney, Frank Seidel, Philipp Schultz, and Franz Nestmann

Transport, Dam Passage, and Size Selection of Adult Atlantic Salmon in the Penobscot River, Maine, Douglas B. Sigourney, Joseph D. Zydlewski, Edward Hughes, and Oliver Cox

Migratory Characteristics and Passage of Paddlefish at Two Southeastern US Lock-and-Dam Systems, Brandon L. Simcox, Dennis R. DeVries, and Russell A. Wright

Assessment of Subyearling Chinook Salmon Survival through the Federal Hydropower Projects in the Main-Stem Columbia River, John R. Skalski, M. Brad Eppard, Gene R. Ploskey, and Mark A. Weiland

Relating Turbulence and Fish Habitat: A New Approach for Management and Research, David L. Smith, R. Andrew Goodwin, and John M. Nestler

Response of Migratory Sea Lampreys to Artificial Lighting in Portable Traps, Keith M. Stamplecoskie, Thomas R. Binder, Nicola Lower, and Karl Cottenie

Fish Passage Through Three Types of Structures in Diked Coastal Lake Erie Wetlands, Geoffrey B. Steinhart, Sierra Bode, Jennifer Thieme, and Christopher J. Winslow

Linking Behavior, Physiology, and Survival of Atlantic Salmon Smolts During Estuary Migration, Daniel S. Stich, Gayle B. Zydlewski, John F. Kocik, and Joseph D. Zydlewski

Currency Invoicing in Norwegian Salmon Export, Hans-Martin Straume

An Egg-Per-Recruit Model to Evaluate the Effects of Upstream Transport and Downstream Passage Mortality of American Eel in the Susquehanna River, John A. Sweka, Sheila Eyler, and Michael J. Millard

Fishlift Runserau - An innovative Solution for difficult Locations, Stefan Thonhauser, Martin Oberwalder, Frank Muehlbacher, and Erwin Frick

Planning of a Fish Ladder at the Power Station Kniepass at the Tiroler Lech, Christian Triendl


Ecological Measures in the Neighborhood of the new Hydropower Plant Rheinfelden, Jochen Ulrich

The geographic distribution of small dams in Oregon using ecoregion and landform classification, Suzanne C. Walther, Amanda L. Reinholtz, and W. Andrew Marcus

Investigations Regarding Guiding Flow at Fishways on German Waterways, Roman Weichert, Wolfgang Kampke, Lisa Deutsch, and Matthias Scholten

A Semi-Automated Method for Monitoring Dam Passage of Upstream Migrant Yellow-Phase American Eels, Stuart A. Welsh, Joni L. Aldinger, and --

Movement and Capture Efficiency of Radio-Tagged Salmonids Sampled by Electrofishing, Michael K. Young, David A. Schmetterling, and --

Passage of Spawning Alabama Shad at Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam, Apalachicola River, Florida, Shawn P. Young, Travis R. Ingram, Josh E. Tannehill, and J. Jeffery Isely

Bubble Curtain Deflection Screen Diverts the Movement of both Asian and Common Carp, D. P. Zielinski, P. W. Sorensen, and --

Submissions from 1900

Barriers Impede Upstream Spawning Migration of Flathead Chub, David M. Walters, Robert E. Zuellig, Harry J. Crockett, and James F. Bruce

Submissions from 1892

Fishways, W H. Rogers