Submissions from 2010

Fish and sessile assemblages associated with wind-turbine constructions in the Baltic Sea, M H. Andersson and M C. Ohman

Climate change and the green energy paradox: the consequences for twaite shad Alosa fallax from the River Severn, U.K, M W. Aprahamian, C D. Aprahamian, and A M. Knights

Multispecies impingement in a tropical power plant, Straits of Malacca, A Azila and V C. Chong

Evaluating migratory fish behaviour and fishway performance: testing a combined assessment methodology, L J. Baumgartner, C A. Boys, I G. Stuart, and B P. Zampatti

Influence of pool geometry on the biological efficiency of vertical slot fishways, M Bermudez, J Puertas, L Cea, L Pena, and L Balairon

Swimming performance and fishway model passage success of Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, K R. Bestgen, B W. Mefford, J M. Bundy, C D. Walford, and R I. Compton

Survival of fish impinged on a rotary disk screen, D L. Bigbee, R G. King, K M. Dixon, D A. Dixon, and E S. Perry

Fish-Friendly Turbine Captures Tidal Energy, J L. Brown

Size-dependent mortality of migratory silver eels at a hydropower plant, and implications for escapement to the sea, O Calles, I C. Olsson, C Comoglio, P S. Kemp, L Blunden, M Schmitz, and L A. Greenberg

Passage and Reproductive Activity of Fishes in the Igarapava Fish Ladder, Grande River, Southeastern Brazil, R CV Casali, V Vono, H P. Godinho, R K. Luz, and N Bazzoli

Modeling migratory energetics of Connecticut River American shad (Alosa sapidissima): implications for the conservation of an iteroparous anadromous fish, T Castro-Santos and B H. Letcher

Two-dimensional free surface flow numerical model for vertical slot fishways, J Chorda, M M. Maubourguet, H Roux, M Larinier, L Tarrade, and L David

Changes in Patterns of Streamflow From Unregulated Watersheds in Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Nevada1, G M. Clark

Hatchery rearing environment and age affect survival and movements of stocked juvenile lake sturgeon, J AT Crossman, P S. Forsythe, K T. Scribner, and E A. Baker

A methodological framework for integrating computational fluid dynamics and ecological models applied to juvenile freshwater mussel dispersal in the Upper Mississippi River, J A. Daraio, L J. Weber, T J. Newton, and J M. Nestler

Swimming performance of the small characin Bryconamericus stramineus (Characiformes: Characidae), M A. de Castro, H D. Santos, F AC Sampaio, and P S. Pompeu

Use of an autonomous sensor to evaluate the biological performance of the advanced turbine at Wanapum Dam, Z Q. Deng, T J. Carlson, J P. Duncan, M C. Richmond, and D D. Dauble

Injury and Mortality of Juvenile Salmon Entrained in a Submerged Jet Entering Still Water, Z Q. Deng, R P. Mueller, M C. Richmond, and G E. Johnson

Fish migration, dams, and loss of ecosystem service in the Mekong Basin, P Dugan, C Barlow, A A. Agostinho, E Baras, G F. Cada, D Chen, I G. Cowx, J Ferguson, T Jutagate, M Mallen-Cooper, G Marmulla, J Nestler, M Petrere, R Welcomme, and K Winemiller

Fragmentation of a Neotropical migratory fish population by a century-old dam, A LH Esguicero and M Arcifa

Influence of Mechanical Draft Tube Fish Barrier on the Hydraulic Thrust of Small Francis Turbines, M TC Faria, O G. Paulino, F H. de Oliveira, B H. Barbosa, and C B. Martinez

Swimbladder abnormalities in piapara (Leporinus obtusidens) captured downstream of the Funil Dam, V D. Felizardo, E D. Andrade, L DS Murgas, E U. Winkaler, and F Wouters

Catchment Basin - a Gentle System for Counting Fish in Fishways, R J. Gebler

Design of both Near-Natural Running Waters, Bypassing the newly Built Barrage-Plant and the old Hydro Power Plant of RADAG, R J. Gebler and P Lehmann

Ecology and Transportation I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project's Design Engineering Challenges of Integrating Transportation Needs with Landscape-Level Connectivity and Transportation Corridor-Crossing Objectives in Washington State, R Giles, S Golbeck, A Sullivan, and J Wood

Fish and macro-crustacean communities and their dynamics in the Severn Estuary, P A. Henderson and D J. Bird

Optimising exclusion screens to control exotic carp in an Australian lowland river, K A. Hillyard, B B. Smith, A J. Conallin, and B M. Gillanders

Testing adult Pacific lamprey performance at structural challenges in fishways, M L. Keefer, W R. Daigle, C A. Peery, H T. Pennington, S R. Lee, and M L. Moser

Prespawn mortality in adult spring Chinook salmon outplanted above barrier dams, M L. Keefer, G A. Taylor, D F. Garletts, G A. Gauthier, T M. Pierce, and C C. Caudill

Procedures for evaluating and prioritising the removal of fish passage barriers: a synthesis, P S. Kemp and J R. O'Hanley

Comparison of Empirical Models to Estimate the Fish Mortality in Hydroelectric Turbines, R Keuneke and U Dumont

Linking the Swimming Ability of Small Freshwater Fish to Body Form and Ecological Habit, N N. Kilsby and K F. Walker

Discussion of the Hydraulic Calculation of Vertical Slot Fishways, F Kruger, S Heimerl, F Seidel, and B Lehmann

Mechanism of fish's transposition from a small hydroelectric system, C M. Kusma and F W. Ferreira

National Park Service Awards Construction Contract to Restore Fish Passage on Elwha River, J Landers

Flow Design of Guiding Device for Downstream Fish Migration, T S. Lundstrom, J GI Hellstrom, and E M. Lindmark

The New Multi-Structure Slot Fish pass, H Mader and M M. Tauber

Spawning dynamics of American shad (Alosa sapidissima) in the St. Lawrence River, Canada-USA, E Maltais, G Daigle, G Colbeck, and J J. Dodson

Effectiveness of a Redesigned Water Diversion Using Rock Vortex Weirs to Enhance Longitudinal Connectivity for Small Salmonids, K D. Martens and P J. Connolly

Passage and Behavior of Radio-tagged Adult Pacific Lampreys (Entosphenus tridentatus) at the Willamette Falls Project, Oregon, M G. Mesa, R J. Magie, and E S. Copeland

Ecological responses to altered flow regimes: a literature review to inform the science and management of environmental flows, N L. Poff and J KH Zimmerman

Fish passage effectiveness of recently constructed road crossing culverts in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State, D M. Price, T P. Quinn, and R J. Barnard

Turbulent Flow near Vertical Angled Fish Screen, N Rajaratnam, C Katopodis, M AF Sadeque, and N Pokharel

Hydraulic Assessment of Environmental Flow Regimes to Facilitate Fish Passage Through Natural Riffles: Shoalhaven River Below Tallowa Dam, New South Wales, Australia, I Reinfelds, M Lincoln-Smith, T Haeusler, D Ryan, and I Growns

Experimentation at the interface of fluvial geomorphology, stream ecology and hydraulic engineering and the development of an effective, interdisciplinary river science, S P. Rice, L Lancaster, and P Kemp

Effectiveness monitoring of fish passage facilities: historical trends, geographic patterns and future directions, D W. Roscoe and S G. Hinch

Ecological Improvements in Conjunction with the new RADAG Hydro Power Plant, B Ruess

Response of downstream migrating adult European eels (Anguilla anguilla) to bar racks under experimental conditions, I J. Russon, P S. Kemp, and O Calles

Modeling Unsteady Flow Characteristics of Hydropeaking Operations and Their Implications on Fish Habitat, Y Shen and P Diplas

Field Investigation of Success Factors of Fish Passageways in Oregon, D N. Sillars, H Moradkhani, and N Tymvios

Comparison of two alternative approaches for estimating dam passage survival of salmonid smolts, J R. Skalski, R L. townsend, T W. Steig, and S Hemstrom

Species-specific spatial and temporal patterns of emigrating juvenile salmonids in the Pacific Northwest, D L. Smtih, J M. Nestler, G E. Johnson, and R A. Goodwin

Application of Technology Development Index and Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Methods to Ocean Renewable Energy Facility Siting, M L. Spaulding, A Grilli, C Damon, and G Fugate

Fish-friendly Hydro Turbine, N Spring

Assessing barotrauma in neutrally and negatively buoyant juvenile salmonids exposed to simulated hydro-turbine passage using a mobile aquatic barotrauma laboratory, J R. Stephenson, A J. Gingerich, R S. Brown, B D. Pflugrath, Z Q. Deng, T J. Carlson, M J. Langeslay, M L. Ahmann, R L. Johnson, and A G. Seaburg

Comparisons of growth and condition of fluvial and resident brook trout within partially migratory populations, J T. Stolarski and K J. Hartman

Too close for comfort: a fishway exit and a hydro-power station inlet, I G. Stuart, J D. Koehn, T A. O'Brien, J A. McKenzie, and G P. Quinn

Swimming Performance of Larval Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata), Z A. Sutphin and C D. Hueth

Gillnet fishing drives lake-migrating brown trout to near extinction in the Lake Paijanne region, Finland, J Syrjanen and P Valkeajarvi

A novel push trap element to manage carp (Cyprinus carpio L.): a laboratory trial, L A. Thwaites, B B. Smith, M Decelis, and D Fleer

The effects of turbulent eddies on the stability and critical swimming speed of creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus), H M. Tritico and A J. Cotel

Optimization of the pool and weir fishway at the Wyhlen Rhine-Power Plant, J Ulrich

Colonization of Hydroelectric Reservoirs in Brazil by Freshwater Sponges, with Special Attention on Itaipu, C Volkmer-Ribeiro, M Parolin, K Furstenau-Oliveira, and E R. de Menezes

Contribution of experimental fluid mechanics to the design of vertical slot fish passes, R W. Wang, L David, and M Larinier

Fish schooling as a basis for vertical axis wind turbine farm design, R W. Whittlesey, S Liska, and J O. Dabiri

Coastal and Offshore Wind Energy Generation: Is It Environmentally Benign?, J C. Wilson, M Elliott, N D. Cutts, L Mander, V Mander, R Perez-Dominguez, and A Phelps

A Genetic and Phenetic Baseline before the Recolonization of Steelhead above Howard Hanson Dam, Green River, Washington, G A. Winans, M C. Baird, and J Baker

Hydraulic aspects of pool-weir fishways as ecologically friendly water structure, O Yagci

Seasonal dynamics of the fish parasite Neoplagioporus ayu (Digenea) in its definitive host, Plecoglossus altivelis, in the Chikugo River, Kyushu, Japan, S Yanagi, Y Kuribayashi, M Okamoto, Y Mori, and M Urabe

Detection of Myxobolus cerebralis in the Lower Deschutes River Basin, Oregon, C M. Zielinski, H V. Lorz, and J L. Bartholomew

Submissions from 2009

Development of a fish-friendly turbine-operation mode in run-of-river hydropower plants on the River Mosel, B Becker, F Notermanns, C Reuter, and H Schuttrumpf

An ultrasonic detector fyke to indicate eel migration events, B Becker, S Roger, C Reuter, A Hehankamp, and H Schuttrumpf

Hydraulics of stream deflectors used in fish-habitat restoration schemes, P M. Biron, D M. Carre, and S J. Gaskin

Road crossing designs and their impact on fish assemblages of Great Plains streams, W W. Bouska and C P. Paukert

Comparison of Methods for Analysing Salmon Habitat Rehabilitation Designs for Regulated Rivers, R A. Brown and G B. Pasternack

Assessment of barotrauam from rapid decompression of depth-acclimated juvenile chinook salmon bearing radio telemtry transmitters, Richard S. Brown, Tom J. Carlson, Abigail E. Welch, C. Scott Abernathy, Blaine D. Ebberts, Mike J. Langeslay, Martin L. Ahmann, Dan H. Feil, John R. Skalski, and Richard L. Townsend

Assessment of Barotrauma from Rapid Decompression of Depth-Acclimated Juvenile Chinook Salmon Bearing Radiotelemetry Transmitters, R S. Brown, T J. Carlson, A E. Welch, J R. Stephenson, C S. Abernathy, B D. Ebberts, M J. Langeslay, M L. Ahmann, D H. Feil, J R. Skalski, and R L. Townsend

Assessment of trout passage through culverts in a large Montana drainage during summer low flow, D D. Burford, T E. McMahon, J E. Cahoon, and M Blank

Application of a hierarchical framework for assessing environmental impacts of dam operation: Changes in streamflow, bed mobility and recruitment of riparian trees in a western North American river, M Burke, K Jorde, and J M. Buffington

Connectivity Is A Two-Way Street-the Need for A Holistic Approach to Fish Passage Problems in Regulated Rivers, O Calles and L Greenberg

Abundance and movement patterns of age-0 juvenile lake sturgeon in the Peshtigo River, Wisconsin, D C. Carofinno, T M. Sutton, and M S. Lindberg

Terrestrial passive integrated transponder antennae for tracking small animal movements, N D. Charney, B H. Letcher, A Haro, and P S. Warren

Ecological values of Hamilton urban streams (North Island, New Zealand): constraints and opportunities for restoration, K J. Collier, B MTA Aldridge, B J. Hicks, J Kelly, A Macdonald, B J. Smith, and J Tonkin

Suitability Modeling of Lake Sturgeon Habitat in Five Northern Lake Michigan Tributaries: Implications for Population Rehabilitation, D J. Daugherty, T M. Sutton, and R F. Elliott

Mussel spat ropes provide passage for banded kokopu (Galaxias fasciatus) in laboratory trials, B O. David, M P. Hamer, and K J. Collier

Earlier Spring Warming of Coastal Streams and Implications for Alewife Migration Timing, D Ellis and J C. Vokoun

Development of successful fish passage structures for downstream migrants requires knowledge of their behavioural response to accelerating flow, E C. Enders, M H. Gessel, and J G. Williams

Numerical simulation of free surface flows on a fish bypass, G E. Ferrari, M Politano, and L Weber

Electrical power generation from ocean currents in the Straits of Florida: Some environmental considerations, C W. Finkl and R Charlier

Effects of damming on population sustainability of Chinese sturgeon, (Acipenser sinensis): Evaluation of optimal conservation measures, X Gao, S Brosse, Y Chen, S Lek, and J Chang

Migratory Fishes of Brazil: Life History and Fish Passage Needs, A L. Godinho and B Kynard

Factors affecting fish entrainment into massive water diversions in a tidal watershed estuary: Can fish losses be managed?, L F. Grimaldo, T Sommer, N Van Ark, G Jones, E Holland, P B. Moyle, B Herbold, and P Smith

Barging Effects on Sensory Systems of Chinook Salmon Smolts, M B. Halvorsen, L E. Wysocki, C M. Stehr, D H. Baldwin, D R. Chicoine, N L. Scholz, and A N. Popper

Expanding the "toolbox" for studying the biological responses of individual fish to hydropower infrastructure and operating strategies, C T. Hasler, L B. Pon, D W. Roscoe, B Mossop, D A. Patterson, S G. Hinch, and S J. Cooke

Migration of green sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris, in the Sacramento River, J C. Heublein, J T. Kelly, C E. Crocker, A P. Klimley, and S T. Lindley

Movements of Prespawn Adult Atlantic Salmon Near Hydroelectric Dams in the Lower Penobscot River, Maine, C M. Holbrook, J Zydlewski, D Gorsky, S L. Shepard, and M T. Kinnison

Effects of Body Size and River Environment on the Upstream Migration of Adult Pacific Lampreys, M L. Keefer, M L. Moser, C T. Boggs, W R. Daigle, and C A. Peery

Linking behaviour and performance: Intermittent locomotion in a climbing fish, P S. Kemp, T Tsuzaki, and M L. Moser

Illumination influences the ability of migrating juvenile salmonids to pass a submerged experimental weir, P S. Kemp and J G. Williams

Changes in Fish Communities Following Recolonization of the Cedar River, Wa, Usa by Pacific Salmon After 103 Years of Local Extirpation, P M. Kiffney, G R. Pess, J H. Anderson, P Faulds, K Burton, and S C. Riley