Review of Fish Behavior Relevant to Fish Guidance Systems: Annual Report of Research

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Financed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


adult, behavior, bypass, Columbia River, design, design criteria, fish behavior, fish guidance, Fisheries Research, guidance, guidance efficiency, hearing, hydroelectric, hydroelectric dams, juvenile, juvenile salmon, salmon, sensory systems, sound, water currents

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Seattle, WA


Fisheries Research Institute


None supplied. From introduction: This literature review examines five key parameters that we feel effect FGE [fish guidance efficiency] the most: light and vision, sound and hearing, water currents and rheotaxis, turbidity, and temperature. All five of these factors interact simultaneously at times, so it is often difficult to 'tease apart' the individual effects. Therefore, the information presented will often overlap or combine (or both) one or more of the five factors. For each factor we will provide a brief background with definitions, and then we will attempt to apply what is known about each factor to fish guidance at dams and minimum design criteria.

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