Investigation of Culverts and Hydraulic Structures Used for Fishways and the Enhancement of Fish Habitat

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culverts, design, fish habitat, fish performance, habitat, hydraulics, orifices, slot orifice, swimming, wing walls

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Moscow, Idaho


Water Resources Research Institute, University of Idaho


A method for the design of slot orifice fishways for box culverts was developed. Characterisitcs for a satisfactory fishway are identified. Appropriate graphs for sizing slot orifice fishways for a given performance capability of a fish are presented. The hydraulics of slot orifices constructed in the face of skewed wingwalls is explained. A table listing the swimming capability of various species of fish was compiled from existing literature. A hodograph for the wake boundary behind a flat plate placed normal to free surface flow was developed. A comparison of the size of wakes produced by a flat plate, a 90-degree wedge, and a circular cylinder were made. The shape of wakes produced by embedded sphere with different degrees of submergence was also studied.

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