Annual Fish Passage Report: Rock Island Dam, Columbia River, Washington, 1960

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chinook, coho, Columbia River, fish movement, fish passage, Rock Island Dam, salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead, trout

Report number

Fisheries No. 419

Publication place

Washington, D.C.


United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Series Title

Special Scientific Report


Important runs of salmon and steelhead trout pass Rock Island Dam on the Columbia River. Annual records of fish movement past the dam are available from 1933. Count of 26,550 chinook salmon in 1960 is slightly more than half the peak year of 1957. Sockeye salmon count of 60,341 exceeded the 17-year mean of 52,823. Only 94 coho salmon were recorded. Greatest count of coho salmon, 229, occurred in 1947. Numbers of steelhead trout passing Rock Island Dam increased in 1960. The 27-year mean of 2,946 steelhead trout was less than the 1960 count of 6,226. Approximately 150,660 fish other than salmon and steelhead trout passed Rock Island Dam in 1960.

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