Response of Adult American Shad to Floating Louvers in Holyoke Canal

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adult, American shad, bypass, canal, clupeids, floating louvers, Hadley Falls, Holyoke, Holyoke Canal, hydroacoustics, intake, juvenile, louvers, shad, upstream migration


None. Summary: As part of a larger effort to identify alternative methods to bypass outmigrating anadromous fishes at Hadley Falls Project, a 14-day study was conducted during June, 1990 to evaluate the response of post-spawning adult American shad to a floating louver array 522 feet long angled at 15 degrees to the flow in the Holyoke Canal. This study partially completes the evaluation of various louver arrays under different flows. In addition, in preparation for studies with juvenile clupeids, a pilot study was conducted to test the ability of hydroacoustics to detect small fish.

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