Fifth Progress Report on Fisheries Engineering Research Program 1973-1978

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adult, Army Corps of Engineers, behavior, bypass, Columbia River, engineering, fish passage, juvenile, migration, reservoirs, salmonids, Snake River


None supplied. From foreword: The Fifth Progress Report summarizes the research conducted during the years 1973 to 1978 under the Corps of Engineers' North Pacific Division Fisheries Engineering Research Program. During the report period, adult and juvenile fish research was conducted on the lower Columbia and Snake Rivers. Research on adult fish has concentrated on the lower Columbia River, where greater numbers of fish are present and where delays of adult fish have been observed. Juvenile fish research, once concentrated chiefly at the Snake River projects, has recently expanded to include lower Columbia River projects. This research continues to secure needed information on the migration, behavior, and survival of downstream migrants. With such information, the Corps is developing a downstream migrant program that will provide for the safe and efficient passage of juvenile salmonids through the system of reservoirs and dams.

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