Progress Report on Fisheries Engineering Research Program July 1960

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Army Corps of Engineers, attraction flow, engineering, mortality, orifices, salmon, screens, anadromous fish, design, design of fishways


The organization, purpose, and administrative plan of the Corps' Fisheries Engineering Research Program was explained in 'Progress Report on Fisheries Engineering Research Program', November 1956. The basic program and procedures remain in effect as previously outlined. There is an increasing need for methods to assure safe passage of anadromous fish over high dams. Because of the beneficial results achieved by the program in the area of improved and economical design of fishways, the program has been expanded and extended. Most of the research project objectives, methods, and early results were described in the first progress report. This material will not be repeated in the present report, except as may be necessary to coordinate the two. This summary is a compilation of individual reports, each prepared by the agency performing the study.

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