Evaluation of the Effects of Turbulence on the Behavior of Migratory Fish

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Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, & Division of Fish and Wildlife


behavior, hydraulics, hydroelectric, migratory fish, ocean, power plant, turbulence, wildlife

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None supplied. From introduction: This report discusses the effects of shear stress and turbulence on fish, with an emphasis on potentially damaging levels in man-made environments. It defines these phenomena, describes studies that have been conducted to understand their effects, and identifies gaps in our knowledge. In particular, this report reviews the available information on the levels of turbulence that can occur within hydroelectric power plants, and the associated biological effects. Furthermore, this report describes an experimental apparatus designed to test the effect of turbulence on fish, and defines its hydraulics. It gives the results of experiments in which three different fish species were exposed to representative levels of turbulence in the laboratory.

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