Analysis of existing information on adult fish movements through dams on the upper Mississippi River

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adult, fish movement, dams, environmental impact, Hydropower, Mississippi River, identification

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LaCrosse, WI


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fishery Research Laboratory


This report provides input towards the completion of the final feasibility report and draftEnvironmental Impact Statements for hydropower development at Locks and Dams 5 and 8 of theUpper Mississippi River (UMR), scheduled for completion by September 1985. This report hasthe following objective: to compile, review, and analyze existing information on movements ofadult fish through dams on the UMR from St. Anthony Falls to Lock and Dam 14. Secondaryobjectives include (1) identification of information gaps about adult fish movements and UMRfisheries in general that would prevent an accurate assessment of the impacts of small-scale hydropower development on UMR fisheries; and (2) identification of impact assessmenttechniques, approaches, and methods for obtaining the necessary data for an assessment of theimpacts of small-scale hydropower development on UMR fisheries. This report provides pool-bypoolreporting of available adult fish movement information and makes recommendations onrepresentative, important fish species for future studies.

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