Fish passage technologies: Protection at hydropower facilities

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fish passage, protection, Hydropower, entrainment, turbine mortality, mortality, fish protection, Columbia River, irrigation, diversion, California, dams

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Washington, DC


U.S. Government Printing Office


The focus of this report is technologies for fish passage around hydropowergeneration facilities and protection against entrainment and turbine mortality. Emphasis is givento Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)-licensed hydropower projects where fishprotection is a subject of controversy and congressional interest due to the Federal Power Act(FPA) and the Electric Consumers Protection Act (ECPA). Thus institutional issues related toFERC-relicensing are also discussed. (Major points of controversy are highlighted in box 1-1.)Federal hydropower projects, especially in the Columbia River Basin, and irrigation waterdiversions in the Pacific Northwest and California are included to the extent that they provideinformation on fish passage technologies (see table 1-1). Many of the technologies discussed areapplicable to other types of dams and water diversions. In fact, there are many more obstructionsto fish passage that are not covered by FERC-licensing requirements, than are (approximately76,000 dams versus 1,825 FERC-licensed facilities) (70).

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