Using Sound to Modify Fish Behavior at Power-Production and Water Control Facilities: A Workshop. Phase II - Final Report

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Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy.


behavior, fish behavior, sound, fish protection, protection

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Carlson,T.J.; Popper,A.N.

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Portland, OR


Bonneville Power Administration


A workshop on "Use of Sound for Fish Protection at Power-Production and Water-Control Facilities" was held in Portland, Oregon on December 12-13, 1995. This workshop convened a 22-member panel of international experts from universities, industry, and government to share knowledge, questions, and ideas about using sound for fish guidance. Discussions involved a broad range of indigenous migratory and resident fish species and fish protection issues in river systems, with a particular focus on the Columbia River Basin. Because the use of sound behavioral barriers for fish is very much in its infancy, the workshop was designed to address the many questions being asked by fishery managers and researchers about the feasibility and potential benefits of using sound to augment physical barriers for fish protection in the Columbia river system.

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