Schneider's Creek/Grand River Northern Pike Annual Fish Lift


Biotactic Inc

Publication Date



Report prepared for the Grand River Conservation Authority (Ontario)


Grand River, Canada, spawning, production, manual, upstream


Movement of northern pike from the Grand River in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to spawning areas in tributary creeks is directly related to reproductive success and production. Limited populations of northern pike exist in the Grand River, although specimens as large as 120cm have been observed. For several years, we have observed pike congregating below a river barrier in late March in Schneider's Creek, Kitchener. We have conducted research at this area since 2004, and in 2006, Biotactic initiated a manual pike lift project to facilitate passage of prespawn condition northern pike. In 2006, we used precision angling to capture 8 gravid female and ripe male pike in only 2 hrs. We then carefully transported them upstream from the barrier at Old Mill Road. These fish rapidly moved upstream, presumably to spawn. If this project is a success, it will be revealed by significant numbers of spawning condition pike returning to natal spawning areas beginning in about 2008/2009. Until now, no more than 25 pike have been observed in congregations below this barrier.

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