Fish Passage Through Turbines: Tests at Shasta Hydroelectric Plant - Progress Report No. 5

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Army Corps of Engineers, blade clearance, downstream fish passage, engineering, fish passage, fish survival, Francis turbine, hydroelectric, hydroelectric plants, prototype, salmon, Shasta, survival, turbines

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Progress Report No. 5


Previous studies and results of tests performed by the U.S. Army Engineer District, Walla Walla, on fish passage through turbines, under auspices of the Corps of Engineers' Fisheries Engineering Research Program, have been reported upon in Progress Reports 1 through 4, Fish Passage Through Turbines. Following these studies, it was considered desirable to perform further tests under prototype conditions at a plant with a Francis turbine possessing greater clearances between adjacent blades and slower speed than the Cushman No. 2 turbine in order to determine what effect these runner characteristics had on fish survival. Several projects were visited in an attempt to locate a high head plant possessing all the turbine characteristics desired. While no single project possessed all of the attributes desired, it was concluded that the main unit turbines at Shasta hydroelectric plant offered the best chance to show the effects of increased blade clearances and slower runner speed on fish survival.

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