Artificial Destratification of Reservoirs: Hydraulic Laboratory Investigation


M S. Dortch

Publication Date



Destratification, flume tests, hydraulics, reservoirs, tank, water quality, diffuser, intake, stratification, design

Report number

Technical Report E-79-1

Series Title

Environmental & Water Quality Operational Studies


Methods of generating mixing in a density-stratified reservoir were experimentally investigated in a laboratory tank. Pneumatic (air bubbling) and hydraulic (water pumping) methods of destratification were studied, but efforts were concentrated on hydraulic destratification. The orientation of the diffuser and intake was found to influence the effectiveness of hydraulic destratification. Experimental results were used to relate mixing time to pumping conditions and reservoir size and stratification. The results are presented with the intent of being used for the planning and preliminary design of hydraulic destratification systems.

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