Fishway Capacity Experiment, 1956

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behavior, Columbia River, design, fish passage, fish ladder, fishway capacity, pool, salmon

Report number

Fisheries No. 299

Series Title

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Special Scientific Reports


From May 22 to September 7, 1956, eight tests were made involving the passage of varying numbers of fish through an overfall-type fishway. The fishway, which was 6 feet wide, consisted of 6 pools (1 foot rise between pools) each 16 feet long with an average depth of 6.3 feet. In the tests, from 70 to 2886 fish entered the fishway during 1-hour periods. The median passage time for fish to ascend the 6-pool fishway ranged from 12 to 35 minutes. The effect of pattern of flow and other criteria on fish passage is discussed.

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