Further Experiments in Fishway Capacity 1957


C H. Elling

Publication Date



behavior, Columbia River, design, fish behavior, fishway capacity, pool and weir, salmon, salmonids, slope

Report number

Fisheries No. 340

Series Title

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Special Scientific Reports


This is the second progress report on studies to determine the maximum number of fish that a fishway may pass per unit time (capacity). The test fishway was a pool-and-overfall type, 4 feet wide, with a slope of 1 on 16 and a mean depth of 6.3 feet. Maximum observed entry and exit of salmonids are discussed as they relate to the determination of capacity. A sustained passage of 50 fish a minute was observed in a test in which the average weight per fish was 9 pounds. Behavior and performance of the fish were also examined. Results cited suggest that certain experimental techniques may have influenced behavior of fish in the fishway.

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