Hydropower R&D: Recent advances in turbine passage technology

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Hydropower, passage, Technology, turbine, turbine passage, activity, survival, Fish, hydroelectric, turbines, mortality, mortalities, review, physical, downstream, bypass, bypass systems, SYSTEM, spillways, spillway, applications, modeling, stress, biological, engineering, INDEX, fish passage, mitigation

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United States Department of Energy


The purpose of this report is to describe the recent and planned R&D activities across the U.S. related to survival of fish entrained in hydroelectric turbines. In this report, we have considered studies that are intended to develop new information that can be used to mitigate turbine-passage mortality. This review focuses on the effects on fish of physical or operational modifications to turbines, comparisons to survival in other downstream passage routes (e.g., bypass systems and spillways), and applications of new modeling, experimental, and technological approaches to develop a greater understanding of the stresses associated with turbine passage. In addition, the emphasis is on biological studies, as opposed to the engineering studies (e.g., turbine index testing) that are often carried out in support of fish passage mitigation efforts.

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