An Analysis of Alternative Fish Transportation Strategies


R J. Harper




Submitted to Bonneville Power Administration


bypass, Columbia River, fish bypass, fish transport, hydroelectric, Ice Harbor Dam, John Day Dam, Lower Monumental Dam, mortality, pool, Reservoir mortality, Snake River, transportation, turbine mortality


None supplied. From executive summary: This report examined the potential for an expanded fish transportation program under an assumption of fully operational fish bypass facilities being present at mainstem Snake and Columbia River hydroelectric facilities. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers FISHPASS model was used for the analysis. Results indicated that additional transportation would be of marginal benefit to any stocks except those entering the pool immediately above the dam being considered. For this reason, Ice Hrbor Dam is least attractive for addition of transport. John Day and Lower Monumental were the most attractive as preferred locations for transportation facilities. The effect of variations in turbine mortality was very small when compared to changes in reservoir mortality. Mortality outside the scope of the study was also considered and its effect on modeling results was discussed.

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