Workshop on Riverine Water Quality Modeling.




mathematical models, model studies, models, releases, water quality


A Riverine Water Quality Modeling Workshop was held at the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station in April 1980 to address three objectives: define environmental/water quality problems in large rivers encountered by Corps of Engineers Offices, determine if state-of-the-art riverine models are able to address these problems, and identify areas of inadequacy in the models for future study and development in the Environmental and Water Quality Operational Studies (EWQOS) Program. To address these objectives, representatives from CE district and Division Offices, other Federal agencies, and the consulting community were invited to participate in the Workshop. At the Workshop, problems were identified in two main areas: water quality problems and problems associated with water quality models. Major water quality problems dealt with reservoir releases and sedimentation. The modeling-related problems included the entire spectrum from new model development to model application problems (i.e. coefficient selection). Workshop recommendations included collecting data sets for a one-dimensional unsteady flow water quality model and for a two-dimensional vertically averaged model. The development and verification of a mathematical algorithm for the transport of fine suspended sediment were also recommended.

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