Report on Barrier Net Feasibility Test at Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Facility




Atlantic salmon, biofouling, debris loading, intake, loading, migration, Northfield Mountain, pumped storage, salmon, smolt


None supplied. From introduction: The purpose of the barrier net feasibility test was to evaluate the potential physical limitations on maintaining a barrier net deflection system in front of the intake at the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Facility (NMPSF). A test of a barrier net system was conducted during the fall to evaluate these factors at Northfield and to provide a basis for a decision on the installation of a barrier net during the Atlantic salmon smolt migration in the spring of 1995. In addition, a fall test would provide time for modifications and refinements to the system prior to a spring 1995 test. The major limiting factors that were evaluated were: flow forces, debris loading, biofouling, and gilling of fish. Other considerations which were evaluated during the test include: (1) the potential to lengthen the net to increase the probability of diverting salmon, (2) the potential for problems resulting from a longer duration of deployment, and (3) the development of techniques for the installation and removal of the system.

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