Fish Passage Through Highway Culverts: A Field Evaluation


T J. McClellan




Sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Oregon State Game Commission


culverts, fish passage, transportation


None supplied. Introduction: Under the sponsorship of the Portland Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, a current review of 'in-service' culverts having provisions for passage of anadromous and native fish was undertaken in July, 1970. This study and review consisted of a field inspection by the author, in company with regional fish biologists of the Oregon State Game Commission, of 62 existing culvert installations in Oregon. These included installations designed and constructed by both Federal and State agencies and some local government bodies, and range in age from 1916 to 1970 as construction dates. The review includes some culverts that had no special provisions for fish passage, but which illustrate conditions conducive or otherwise to movement of fish. The intent of the study was to ascertain the effectiveness of installed provisions for fish passage in culverts, and to attempt to evaluate which types of installations were most effective, simplest to install, and less costly initially and in maintenance.

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