Evaluation of Fish Habitat Mitigation at Six Hydrotechnical Projects




Prepared for Department of Fisheries and Oceans


ecosystems, environmental assessment, fish habitat, fish habitat mitigation, habitat, hydroelectric, instream flow, mitigation, ocean, policy


This report reviews and assesses fish habitat mitigation and instream flow needs for six hydrotechnical projects in the Department of Fisheries and Ocean's Central and Arctic Region. The review was based on information and data from published reports/papers, fisheries reports and environmental assessments conducted by two proponents, as well as meetings with the proponents and provincial fisheries representatives. The main objectives of this study were to: (a) evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of methods for fish habitat mitigation, (b) evaluate methods for determining suitable instream flow needs regime, (c) review and examine the mitigation plans or methods applicable for: the Oldman Dam and Little Bow projects in Alberta; Conawapa Hydroelectric Generating Station in Manitoba; and the Little Jackfish River, Mattagami River, and Mosse River basin hydroelectric projects in Ontario; and (d) recommend additional measures that may be required if the proposed mitigation or instream flow plans do not appear to fulfill the fish habitat policy of DFO.

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