Review of the Petitcodiac River Causeway and Fish Passage Issues


E Niles




fish passage


The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada appointed me (Eugene Niles) Special Advisor in August 2000. The task was to conduct a review of all the issues and existing information, to consult all stakeholders and seek appropriate expert opinion on a course of action to restore fish passage in relation to the Petitcodiac causeway. This report takes the form of a 2 part document. Part A includes a summary of stakeholder consultations and a synthesis and evaluation of the available information on issues, perspectives, and areas of consensus and divergence related to the Petitcodiac River Causeway and the Petitcodiac River watershed. Part B includes the identification of a range of options and a recommendation(s) to the Minister, as well as providing advice on the next steps, identification of information gaps, and suggestions on how to address these gaps.

This document is currently not available here.