Vinton Dam Steeppass Fishway, Podunk River, Connecticut: Conceptual Design




Prepared for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Connecticut River Coordinator's Office


Alosa aestivalis, anadromous fish, blueback herring, Connecticut River, design, fish population, habitat, herring, low head dams, migration, restoration, spawning, steeppass, upstream, watershed, alewife


None supplied. From introduction: The Vinton Dam in South Windsor, Connecticut blocks the migration of fish upstream to viable spawning and feeding habitat. The Podunk River is a tributary to the Connecticut River, and has anadromous fish populations including blueback herring (Alosa aestivalis) and alewife (A. pseudoharengus) that will benefit from the fishway at Vinton Dam. The location of the fishway adjacent to a popular restaurant provides a unique opportunity for public outreach. It will help educate the public about the benefits of fisheries restoration and the role of anadromous species in the Connecticut River watershed. The proposed fishway is of the Alaska Steeppass type. Steeppass fishways can be found at many low head dams throughout the Northeast USA.

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