Recent Contributions to the Hydraulics of Fishways


N Rajaratnam




A technical report prepared for Fisheries and Oceans, Government of Canada


baffles, Columbia River, culverts, denil, fish passage, hydraulics, orifices, pool and weir, steeppass, vertical slot, weir


None supplied. From introduction: Fishways are generally classified as pool and weir type with or without orifices, Denil type and vertical slot fishways. Culverts built with some type of baffle system to assist fish passage are known as culvert fishways. Pool and weir fishways are the earliest fishways. They were later modified with the provision of orifices in the weir walls. In some structures, the weirs are also provided with chutes. Pool and weir fishways have been popular in Europe. Some of the largest fishways of this type are connected with the dams of the Columbia River system in the western U.S. This report presents a critical analysis of the hydraulics of the several types of fishways that are currently used. This review deals with the research performed over the last ten to fifteen years. This review does not deal with the swimming capacity of fish for which the reader is referred to the works by Blake (1983) and Katopodis (1991).

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