A Critical Review of Fish Exclusion and Diversion from Hydroelectric Turbine Intakes, with Special Reference to the Turners Falls Project on the Connecticut River


C P. Ruggles




anadromous fish, attraction, canal, Connecticut River, diversion, downstream fish passage, fish attraction, fish passage, fish protection, forebay, hydroelectric, intake, penstocks, protection, salmon, shad, turbines, Turners Falls


None supplied. From introduction: As part of a continuing program of anadromous fish protection at Northeast Utilities Service Company's hydroelectric facilities on the Connecticut River, the author was asked to provide a critical review of downstream fish passage devices, with specific reference to their suitability for protecting downstream migrating salmon and shad at the Turners Falls Project. The scope of the present study is not limited strictly to turbine intakes. Thus, fish screening methods appropriate to forebays, power canals, and penstocks have been reviewed. The main objective of the study is to identify promising techniques and avoid lengthy considerations of unproven fish screening technology.

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