Current Issues in Fish and Wildlife Service Hydropower Activities


C Short




activity, ecology, habitat, Hydropower, policy


None supplied. Introduction: A Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Endangered Species and Habitat Conservation, work group of Regional and Washington Office staff met in Pingree Park, Colorado, from August 3-5, 1988, to discuss current issues in Service hydropower activities. Personnel from the National Ecology Research Center, the Department of the Interior Solicitors Office, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) also participated in the workshop. Specific workshop objectives were to: (1) inform the Regions of the latest developments in the hydropower arena; (2) provide a forum for the exchange of information among Regions; (3) identify major issues and solutions, priorities, and strategies related to hydropower activities; and (4) receive input from the Regions for National policy development. This report contains the discussions and recommendations that resulted from the August workshop, as well as background information on hydropower activities. The agenda for the workshop is included as Appendix A to the report.

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