Hydroacoustic Monitoring of Downstream Migrant Juvenile Salmonids at Bonneville Dam, 1989




Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Dam, Columbia River, downstream fish passage, fish passage, hydroacoustics, juvenile, salmon, salmonids, turbines, video


None supplied. From introduction: Objectives of this work were to: 1) Determine the average target strength of juvenile salmonids passing into turbine unit 11 at the Bonneville Dam second powerhouse and the ITC, 2) Determine the proportion of fish passing into the Bonneville Dm second powerhouse ITC and turbines 11 and 18 during FGE testing for the period 1 May to 1 August, 3) Determine if estimates of fish passage into the Bonneville Dam second powerhouse ITC can be accurately estimated by observation with an array of underwater video cameras, 4) Determine if variability between hydroacoustic estimates of fish passage into a turbine slot and estimates derived from another technique can be reduced by increasing the time over which samples are taken.

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