Evaluation of Adult Fish Passage at Bonneville Lock and Dam in 1983




adult, behavior, Bonneville Dam, Columbia River, fish behavior, fish passage, migration, salmon


None supplied. From introduction: In 1983 a more extensive adult fish passage study was conducted at Bonneville Dam to evaluate the recently completed second powerhouse in its first year of full operation and to evaluate the modifications made to the first powerhouse fishway. The objectives of the study were to: (1) Determine the passage time of adult fish through the study area. (2)Determine migration routes and holding areas for radiotagged fish within the study area. (3) Determine fish behavior and important entry and fallout areas in both powerhouse collection systems. Describe relationships between entrance usage patterns and project operation conditions. (4) Modify fishways as necessary, based on observed fish passage problems, to minimize passage time and fallback. Test the modifications for effects on fish behavior or entrance preferences. (5) Determine migration routes, passage times, and holding areas for radiotagged fish through areas likely to be affected by construction and operation of a proposed navigation lock on the Oregon shore.

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