Thames Salmon Rehabilitation Scheme: A Review of Current Position & Future Strategy


D Willis




National Rivers Authority, Thames Region


migratory fish, salmon, salmonids, strategy, Thames


None supplied. From introduction: It is now 15 years since the launch of the Thames Salmon Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS) in 1979, following the recommendations of the Thames Migratory Fish Committee (1977) and subsequent Thames Migratory Salmonids Working Party (1978). The original programme was divided into 4 phases covering 22 years and ending in the year 2000. We are currently nearing the end of phase 3 (1995) with the last review having been undertaken at the end of phase 1 in 1986 some 8 years ago (Gough 1986). The project schedule requires the progression to phase 4 to be dependent upon an assessment of progress and cost-benefit implications. The scheme has attracted significant regional, national, and international interest and may be regarded as one of the Region's most high profile projects. This report will review the current position of the SRS and outline potential future strategies. The report represents the first review of the SRS under the auspices of the National Rivers Authority and is undertaken against a background of reduced fisheries funding and priority planning.

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