Evaluation of Fish Passage at the Grand Valley Irrigation Company Diversion Dam on the Colorado River Near Palisade, Colorado


B D. Burdick




Prepared for Recovery Implementation Program for Endangered Fishes in the Upper Colorado River Basin


adult, diversion, fish passage, pool, riffle, tagging, upstream


None supplied. From executive summary: The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether sub-adult and adult Colorado pikeminnow and other native fishes would move upstream through a series of newly-constructed alternating pools and riffles and a notch in the Grand Valley Irrigation Company (GVIC) Diversion Dam on the Upper Colorado River near Palisade, Colorado. Study direction was modified in August 1998 that resulted in altering tagging techniques for the remainder of 1998 and canceling field sampling for most of 1999. Consequently, most of the stated study objectives were not sufficiently addressed. There was no documentable evidence obtained from this evaluation to conclude that sub-adult or adult Colorado pikeminnow or other native fish used the fish passage at the GVIC Diversion Dam. Certainly, more field data needs to be collected at this site before any meaningful conclusions can be made as to the usefulness of this type of fish passage to Colorado pikeminnow and other native fishes.

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