Agency Radio Tracking of Adult Atlantic Salmon, 2001: Progress Report




Connecticut River, Deerfield River, fish movement, Holyoke, Holyoke Dam, Massachusetts, monitoring, salmon


As part of its FERC license for the Deerfield River Project, USGen of New England, an affiliate of PG&E National Energy Group (USGEN), is required to conduct radio tracking of adult salmon released above Holyoke Dam to assess the need for upstream passage on the Deerfield River. Based on stocking and assessment data, most salmon released at Holyoke would not have originated from the Deerfield River and would instead be expected to enter other tributary systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Monitoring of fish entering the Deerfield River was the responsibility of USGEN. Additional information regarding fish movement and behavior in the rest of the Connecticut River basin and supplemental information on the Deerfield was collected by fisheries agency personnel. USGen, through its consultant Normandeau Associates, Inc. (NAI), provided the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission (CRASC) member agencies a radio receiver to monitor the movements of salmon beyond the scope of the Deerfield study.

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