Downstream Fish Passage Needs on the Connecticut River




Connecticut River, downstream fish passage, fish passage, Hydropower, migration, mortality, power plant, salmon, shad


None supplied. From introduction: This report identifies the dams and electric generating stations from Wilder Dam to Haddam Neck Nucelar Power Plant and their potential impact to downstream migrants. Each obstacle to downstream passage is treated in a separate section containing three parts, overview, site map, and flow chart. The overview describes the physical parameters of the facility and its potential for impacting downstream migrants. The site map is provided to give additional information to the readers not familiar with every facility on the mainstem Connecticut River. Lastly, the flow chart, which is the most important part of the report. It is an attempt to put forth a framework which identifies specific information needed in order to make meaningful decisions concerning downstream fish passage. For example, the flow charts show that it is not enough to know rates of mortality of fish passing through a turbine if you do not know what portion of the run migrates through the turbine.

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