Effect of Electric Shock Upon the Light Avoiding Behavior of Young Silver and Blueback Salmon




behavior, blueback herring, day/night samples, electric shock, light avoidance, mortality, salmon, University of Washington


This study was started in December, 1953 and completed in March, 1954 under U.S. Government Contract. It is concerned with the response of two sizes of silver (O. kisutch) and blueback (O. nerka) salmon to light immediately, one hour, 24 hours, and 60 days after exposure to electric shock of different intensities. The light avoiding behavior of all shocked fish was adversely affected immediately after shocking. Only the largest fish exposed to the heaviest shock were significantly affected 24 hours later. Immediate mortality was related to the size of the fish and the amount of the shock. During the period from one to 60 days postshock there was no increased mortality or decreased efficiency in the avoiding response to light which could be attributed to the electric shock.

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