Factorial Study of the Response of Steelhead Trout, Chinook and Silver Salmon Fingerlings to Light Barriers in Moving Water




barriers, chinook, fingerlings, flume, guidance, illumination, light barriers, salmon, silver salmon, steelhead, swimming, trout, water velocity


A total of 72 groups each containing 50 fingerlings were tested in a factorial study with a light barrier where the angle of the barrier was 90 degrees and 20 degrees and the levels of illumination were .31 and 40 ft. cdls., in water velocities of .37 and 3.90 fps. The numbers of fish that had passed under or were swimming in the lighted area of the flume were considered as guidance failures. The data were studied by the analysis of variance technique. In general, the findings of our earlier experiments concerning the effectiveness of light barriers with silver salmon were confirmed and extended to other species and a wider range of stimulus conditions.

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